Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Adidas Marathon!

Advertising Agency: 180 Amsterdam >> Agency Location: Amsterdam >> Client/Brand: Adidas International/Adidas >> Agency Team: Richard Bullock & Andy Fackrell


chybee said...


Anonymous said...

Here in Argentina, BBDO made exactly the same campaing for the Nike marathon last year.
What a shame Adidas!.... what a shame 180 Amsterdam!.... what a shmae Richard!... What a shame Andy!
WARNING!, this could be another effect of the globalization!!!

Eugen Suman said...

hmm, so you're saying that they are copied? I find the campaign to be extremly meaningful. Do you have any links to the Argentina one?

Nico y Zeta said...

Here i post a couple of links that talk about de BBDO's Argentina campaign for Nike, called Reasons. Sorry i only found links in spanish.
Although this, when we work in advertising we know this things happens.
A couple of weeks ago someone post an ad of the three pigs for a wood protector. A week before i presented to my boss the same idea for a similar product.

These are the links:


Anonymous said...

The adidas ads are better and clearer.

At least these are one of the few real ad campaign on this site as well.

Fernanda said...

The Brazillian campaign for the Nike Marathon last year is the same too. Like the one in Argentina.

Anonymous said...

Similarity issue aside, this is probably one of the few coolest idea here that have solid thinking and executed well.