Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Reverse Boxer Idea!

I don't know the country where this outdoor idea for the Peugeot Boxer was generated but it sure seems to work very well. How do you talk to your target audience in the most effective way and in a way that will grab their attention? I guess here's one way. Do you have a reason to think this idea might not work?


Anonymous said...

people may actually think this was a mistake. i think if one of the elements like the logo in the corner -- should be printed on the customer facing side to really make it apparent that this is intentional.

Ernesto said...

I think is pretty cool. Although I think would have been better if the picture of the car (peugeot boxer) is showing the back of it and not the front as it is at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I think this kind of ad would work very well in europe as people tend to be more participative and ad messages more subtle or indirect in america people are acostumed to more direct imagery so they would not make the effort of reading the reversed text.