Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jack Astor's Restaurant!

Jack Astor's is a large chain of restaurant well-known for its paper-craft tablecloths where patrons are encouraged to draw on their tables।
Product / Service: Jack Astor's Restaurant >> Client: SIR Corp. >> Advertising Agency: TAXI >> Agency Location: Canada, Toronto >> Executive Creative Director: Zak Mroueh >> Associate Creative Director: Jane Murray >> Copywriter: Ryan Wagman >> Art Director: Ron Smrczek >> Photographer: Anthony Cheung >> Illustrators: Geoff Donovan / Jaimes Zentil / Nuno Ferreira >> Production Manager: Lynnette Fernandes >> Agency Website:

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Anonymous said...

I used to LOVE Jack Astor's Restaurant, but because of the service and quality of food as of late, I will not go there again. Twice in the past month I have had food poisoning from uncooked chicken. We have also had many mix-ups regarding communication with serving staff. For instance, bringing us more drinks when we did not order them, etc.