Thursday, April 12, 2007

Clorox - World Health Day!

Clorox is household cleaning product that is all about hygiene and health, and the World Health Day provided us with a perfect occasion to reinforce the fact that germs are everywhere.
Advertised brand: Clorox >> Advert title(s): Germs >> Translation of headline to English: ‘On the occasion of World Health Day, we commit ourselves to liberating our world from the germs that are everywhere.’ Signoff: ‘Clorox. Cleaner world. Healthier lives.’

Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): TD&A DDB, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates >>
Agency website: >> Creative Director: Adham Obeid >> Art Director: Santosh Telkhede >> Copywriter: Kishore Babu >> Illustrator: Santosh Telkhede >> Senior Account Manager: Krishnakumar GP >> Time of publication or release (Month, Year): April 7, 2007, Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates

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