Wednesday, April 25, 2007

CPAA - Scalpel!

Credits: Advertising Agency: Rediffusion DY&R >> Agency Location: New Delhi, India >> Client: CPAA >> Copywriter: Faraz Alam >> Art Director: Ravi Shankar >>


Anonymous said...

this is an incredibly offensive ad. unbelievable that anyone would think it's appropriate or effective. as someone who has undergone a mastectomy, I am deeply offended by the idea that I am somehow now "ugly" or that I went under the knife to become "ugly". I went under the knife to save my life. I am still a beautiful woman.

Anonymous said...

What a stupid, senseless ad. Not only is it offensive, it lacks logic and stinks of mediocrity. Bah!

PZR said...

Profoundly insensitive.

You'd think the Cancer Patients Aid Association would have a better understanding of the different kinds of pain women with breast cancer have to deal with.