Monday, April 23, 2007

Goa Fest 07- Exclusive Creative Showcase

The Goa Fest that was organised by the AAAI (Advertising Agencies Association of India) was a celebration like none other. If you were an advertising or media professional, it was the greatest time you could have and I really think the AAAI and the sponsors need to be really congratulated at the fantastic way the fest was held. There was always something for everyone. If you wanted to give the ads a break and just let your hair loose, then there was great music and more alcohol than the water in the ocean. If you wanted to network, catch up with old friends or meet the biggest ad guru's and talk, then you could do that. If you wanted to get wild and adventurous, there were the jet ski's, the banana rides and the para-glides that would give you all that and more. And then, if you just wanted to leave it all behind and loose yourself, there was the beach and the beach chairs right there. In short, if you were there, it's unlikely that you did not have a great time. Lastly, there were almost 3000 entries of creative work on display. During the next month or so, you can find a lot of those entries here on 2wenty 4our. The only hitch is that these were captured on a camera so the quality or the camera angles might not always be picture-perfect. My apologies to any inconvenience caused. If you see a post on a campaign you or your agency created you could send it to me on so that they can be replaced if you wish so. I hope these posts will be of help to all those who could not make it to the Goa Fest 2007. I wish you enjoy these campaigns and congratulations to everybody who won. Cheers!!

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