Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Goa Fest Exclusive - Ariel - Color Is Everything!

Credits: Unknown (If you know the credits for this campaign, do leave a comment. Cheers!)


Ivan Raszl said...

Poor work. Qatar has 8 triangles. C'mon, at least look it up in google before submitting for awards! :)

vineeta said...

As far as i remember, this has been done by Ayan Sarkar, the guy from the Senso, Italian food festival, fame!

Anonymous said...

Actually, the real flag of Qatar is the one with 9 arrows.
At the beginning, Bahrain used to be an island for a small civilization called “Delmon’ under the rule of the Persian Empire and no Arab or Muslim used to live there. The current ruling family of Bahrain “Al-Khalifa” left “Kuwait” and sailed toward “Al-Zubarah” a city on the northern part of Qatar. There, they improved the city with their wealth and power; however, they did not have any control over the area or the people. Al-Khalifa’s Tribe had a bigger dream than Al-Zubarah, to be the rulers of Bahrain Island due to the natural riches and the Geographical location of this island that is was the biggest trade center in the region.
After the fall of the Persian Empire and the civil war inside Delmon, it was the best time to attack Bahrain for Al-Khalifa and free the land from the Persian control. With the help of Qatari Families that were loyal to Al-Khalifa tribe, they joined the war and Bahrain was no more a Persian colony. Al-Khalifa became the rulers of Bahrain ever since and Islam became the main religion for this Island.
Now after understanding the background history, we come to the main topic which is the Flag. The People of Qatar used a “RED flag with 9 arrows” on their boats to lets near by boats to know that they are sailors from Al-Zubarah, Qatar. But after the war to free Bahrain, those who fought in the war left Al-Zubarah and settled at Bahrain. However, they did not change the flag and used it on their boats.
The years past and Bahrain got independent and used the flag as a national flag before Qatar did. However, this did not effect that much to the people of Qatar because they claim although that the real flag is painted by red dye, the color does not last due to the heat of the sun and eventually it becomes Maroonish than Red.
At the February, 2002, the state of Bahrain became the “Kingdom of Bahrain” and changed their Flag from 9 arrows to 5 arrows. Qatar Flag have not changed and still resemble the long history of the people of Qatar.
The Meaning of these arrows is still not certain to the people themselves. The Bahraini people claim that the 5 arrows resemble the five pillars of Islam; others say the 5 ruling power of Bahrain. The people of Qatar Claim that the 9 arrows resemble the 9 old battles that Qatar went though; others claim the 9 cities of Qatar that were inhabited.
This Story about the same Flag between the two countries is not an issue and people do not talk about it. At the end, the people of those two countries are blood related.

Prateek said...

Copy: Vijay simha
Art : Rupesh sahay

Saatchi & Saatchi, Delhi