Monday, May 07, 2007

Domino's Pizza!

Advertising Agency: Team/Y&R >> Agency Location: Dubai, UAE >> Creative Directors: Shahir Ahmed, Guilherme Rangel >> Art Director: Shradha Joshi >> Copywriter: Wilbur D'costa >> Photographer: Adam Browning Hill >> Account Supervisor: Ashraf Naji


Anonymous said...

Meaningless & stupid ad... Also shouldn't the copy be 'Before hunger gets you'...or Before hungry gets you is correct? Plsz comment..

Anonymous said...

this is garbage from Dubai, what do you expect? Also, IT should be "when hunger gets you.." so that it amplifies the service and the freshness of domino's. this is a work done by wannabe's at Team Y&R, Bollocks! -- Kre8tive.

Anonymous said...

stupid ad, done probably by a lebanese wanabe, who the hell is hungry. sounds like a mean monster called hungry wants to get me. why use that, why not just say. maybe it was lost in translation from arabic. before hungry gets me...hehehe stupid, puts me off of food. sounds more like a disease.