Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather >> Agency Location: Chile >> Executive Creative Director: Cesar Agost Carreno >> Creative Directors: Sebastian Alvarado, Nicolas Lopez >> Art Director: Sebastian Alvarado >> Copywriters: Felipe Manalich, Nicolas Neumann >>


Anonymous said...

for those too lazy to decipher the code, here is what it says:

1. colors never discriminate. blue blood is actually red.

2. anyone that says the sky is blue has not seen a sunset.

3. mother nature is green, but every spring she manages to show us different.

4. black and white pictures express reality better. a dog's reality that is.

--i dont like these ads. i cant imagine people decoding their ads unless theyre really bored. in my case, it just happens i have time on my hands & wanted to know what it says. but from this, i cannot figure out what their message is. color is good? what does that do for their target market? the color blocks' shades are also too close to each other; it makes decoding tricky at times. and the print says "colorfull" - is that a deliberate play on words?

Anonymous said...

I like it.