Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Greenpeace Bulb!

Client: Greenpeace >> Title: Bulb >> Advertising Agency: TBWA\RAAD, Dubai >> Regional Creative Director: Nirmal Diwadkar >> Art Director: Amritraj Gupta >> Copywriters: Sandeep Fernandes, Bassam Doss >> Illustrator: Amritraj Gupta >> Account Director: Blair Currie >> Published: 31/07/2007 >>


TMM said...

Greenpeace had a lot of good ads in recently.
What worries me, though, is that there – in wouldn't like to go too far here – lying.

There's a lot at stake in enviromental issues and it's not like making your cell phone look a little too good than it is in reality.

Peter Moore, founder of Greenpeace, left it ... he had many reasons for doing that ...

There ads are really good ... a modern form of propaganda. It's sad.

Kory Hoopes said...

Fantastic ad, horribly stupid reasoning.