Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Michaels Arts & Crafts Store!

The campaign is set in the imaginary world that exists within the creativity of a crafter. It seeks to connect emotionally with crafters via the poem, while stimulating and inspiring them visually through the world that's been crafted on the page. It positions Michaels as the store that truly understands crafters and their needs. Since Michaels is all about crafting, every advertising execution has been crafted ­ hand-made from Michaels ingredients. The images are crafted. The words are crafted. We even crafted a theme line by creating a word of our own. One that acts as a call to imagine. A call to create. A call to Imaginate.

Client: Michaels Arts & Crafts Stores >> Advertising Agency: The Richards Group >> Agency Location: Dallas, USA >> Group Creative Director: Gary Gibson >> Creative Directors (Art): Barbara Barnes, Todd McArtor >> Creative Directors (Copy): Danny Bryan, Molly McLaren >> Art Director: Kiran Koshy >> Photographer: Bonnie Holland >> Craft Stylist / Prop Maker: Kelli Ronci

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