Sunday, September 16, 2007

FIAT Punto!

Headline Translations Needed. Thanks!

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett >> Agency Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil >>

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Olivia said...

1. "in fiat punto, the item that makes the women see stars occupies 70% of the body. ah, if that was you."

2. "feels like screaming? turn on the mp3. wants your space? open the sky dome. quitting your job? please, finish paying punto before that."

3. "the car you would have if you lived in europe, but decided to stay here and shower every day."

4. "fiat punto speaks. after all, what is it worth so much technology if it can't tell the others about it?"

5. "cheers for globalization: you drive a fiat punto with blue&me and sky dome technology and the europeans walk around with brazilian rubber sandals."

and at the bottom of every one: "you in charge."