Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Exact colour is the only thing that matters!

Product: Reproduction House
Headline: Not just color. Exact color.
Agency: Saatchi New York
Client: Hudson Reproduction
Country: USA

I often seem to be amazed by work that's different. As in attention grabbing without being so for the sake of it but doing so to convey a message in a manner that makes it more interesting. Look at this campaign done for Hudson Reproduction. It tells me that colour is the most important thing to this reproduction house yet keeps me intrigued as to what the message is form the moment I look at it. Intresting, great art and extremely effective in delivering the message.

I remember a print and outdoor campaign a art colleague of mine named Vipul Shah had done for a reproduction house name Repromen in Mumbai. This was about 4 years back when I was at Contract Advertising (I) Ltd...the visuals where cow dung dripping out of a cow's arse, puke in a toilet basin and I can't remember the third! (a baby coming out of a mother's womb I think?) And next to each of these were the C MYK values of a certain colour used in the layout...this campaign is quite similar in its thought!

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B said...

This gets their point across. The exact colour often makes the difference for me - things seem a little off without it.