Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Nike Retro-Running

This is the latest print campaign for Nike by DDB Paris. The main idea of the campaign was to advertise the retro-running range (relaunch of mythical running shoes) and targets “metro” (urban men and women 25/35 years old, with affinity to fashion, style, trends).

The idea of DDB Paris was to take it from the specificity of those running shoes re-edition: they exist in a very wide range of colours. And to show them centrally in an urban setting, play-ground of our metro target.

By combining a product reality (running/colours) and a target reality (the speed of the city, a upbeat life) the campaign allows each one of us to relate to idea that one is basically “always on the run”, going from the office, to a drink with friend, to the movies…6 visuals were shot at night and represent both the trace of the car lights and the trace of the retro-running shoes (the night pushes the idea to live life to the full).

On some visuals, the trajectory of the trace represent someone that goes trough the city playing with it. The locations in Paris has been chosen to be relevant to the target, they are familiar but without being “cliché”. (Saint Paul, Canal Saint Martin, le Sentier; Pont de Bercy, la BNF…)

The campaign highlights the product by showing it in a universe that is very coherent with the style of life, aspirations of the target. Moreover, the execution is new, original, and esthetical. This campaign will be used also to announce the opening of the NikeStore on the Champs Elysee this fall, a billboard with a coloured trace going down the Champs Elysee can already be seen on the frontage of the future store.

It will also exist in retail and at the occasion of a special event, a race planned in November. This campaign for Nike France has caught the attention of Nike Europe which has decided to broadcast it in Middle East and Africa and also in 42 countries in both press and outdoor!

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Mr. J said...

DDB, I hope you are referring to Tribal DDB? Bloody cool agency huh.. besides this i'm an avid fan of WPC Productions as well.. and what was that guy's name who was on an acquisition spree buying all the big media companies across the world??

Keep the posts coming, this is a kewl blog.. for a change..