Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Advertising is Art!

Breathtaking Art in this campaign for Club Med done by Publicis Conseil. I can't even try and imagine the kind of hard work and the hours and hours of system work that must have gone into a campaign like this. Brilliant Art. Stunning Visuals. And a Great idea.


Jonas K. Sekamane said...

There is also an award-winning commercials. Same idea, same brilliant art.

Horus said...

I missed your comment on my space. Today while visiting some of my old entries I saw your comment and links. Yarr both of ur sites are superb. This one is one which I am instantly connecting to. And if I dont mention "A dog named Sex" it will be absolute ghastly act.... I am still in splits!

Perspective Inc. said...

Bloody hell! I LOVE your blog!
* gushes *