Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ogilvy WWF

One more creative from Ogilvy, but this one is not from Mumbai. This ad for WWF was done by Ogilvy Chennai by Art Director, Binu Verghese! Pretty simple, straight forward and sweet.


Anonymous said...

i wish it wouldn't be just a print ad, but for real.
when you put tiger into the google picture search,
that would be amazing, it's all about finding new ways to communicate today, right?

Ajit Yohannan said...

Its done at O&M chennai by binu verghese. please check.

Ajit Yohannan(ajityohannan&

Ajit Yohannan said...

Its not O&M Spain. Its O&M Chennai and its by Binu Verghese.

cipher said...

Thanks Ajit, shall make the credits clear! have a great day...cheers.