Thursday, March 30, 2006

Kick Some Dirty Politician Arse!

Oh damn! I wish we could do this here in India. In Brazil, A new denim brand called Forum has just launched a new campaign that features models fighting corrupt politicians and cleaning up the country. It's a really nice platform to build a brand on.
Makes your TG want to wear it just because you speak for a cause. Lovely stuff and who on the planet does not wanna kick a politicians arse! Way to go Brazil, you guys are lucky to have such levels of freedom of speech and action. VIA


cristina said...

yep, brazil rulz! south america is a whole different story :)

PS: consider yourself linked:

cipher said...

thanks cristina!

Daniel Coelho said...

Good post man. This blog is awesome.
I have some infos about this campaign: Forum isnt a new denim brand. Actually, is the one of the market leaders.
The campaign was done by Almap/BBDO and created by Marcello Serpa.

Cheers from Brazil.

cipher said...

Oh man! Is this a Marcello Serpa Campaign? Great! I've always had this curiosity to know more about him. Does anybody have a link as to where I could find more info on Marcello Serpa? What's the final count of his Cannes, One Shows, D& AD's and Clio's? I'm curious!

Daniel Coelho said...

Cipher, do you wanna more infos about Serpa?
Visit hehehe
He won more than 50 lions in his career, including a GP in press and poster category.

Other sites: (site of his agency) (archive of his published ads in this famous ad magazine) (great infos about him)

Daniel Coelho said...

More infos about him: (This article was write in 2002)