Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Protect Your Head - FCB Ulka

FCB Ulka is gunning for some big metal at the Abby's Night on the 31st of March (Advertising Club of Bombay). This piece is one of their entries in the Public Service Category. The agency also promises to create an impact at the fest with 2 of its TVC's, Hari Sadu for and Punch for Tata Indica. What happens at the Abby's, well, its all coming very soon!


Anonymous said...

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Creativemobs said...

hey dude..u hve got the wrong information regarding this ad..

This ad was not done by FCB ULKA..
The credits of this ad are:

Touchstone Advertising
Copywriter: Shoeb Shaikh
Art Director: Raju Gavde