Monday, April 03, 2006

Sponsor of the Solar Eclipse!

Thanks to Olcayto CENGİZ, an art director from WMC CREATIVE (Wizards of Marketing Communications) for sending in this ad for "The Solar Eclipse"!
I never quite understood this but may be some of you do! Please let me know!
See more work at Olcayto's blog: (iyi fikir means: good idea in Turkish).
The body copy is: We never gave up to be enchanted.....and to enchant.
The "un-official" sponsor of 29 March 2006 solar eclipse


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm just looking your site and realized that there is a turkish ad...

and the translation of the ad is
in the eclipse figure
we never give up being fascinated

under the eclipse fig.
and we never give up fascinate the others (clients, brands etc.)

lack of art direction, lack of copy, lack of creativity... What can I say... This is the issue in Turkey...

Yonatan said...

I like the pretentious idea to be a sponsor of the sun itself, but the execution is poor