Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Drugs V/S Trainers!

A really well executed campaign for CitySport that encourages sportsmen not to do drugs. What I like most is the whole magentism of the visuals. They just grab you and it's extremely hard to not notice a campaign like this. Absolutely rivetting work here. The claim is “Don’t do drugs, do trainers.”

Agency: JWT, Paris >> Creative Directors: Pascal Manry / Andréa Stillacci >> Art Director: Xavier Beauregard >> Copywriter: Vincent Pedrocchi >> via


drdentz said...

the same idea has been done before. female athletes with chest hair etc.

so the idea isn't new. but what is applaing is the execution. the blurring in the background, the ill-matched skin tones, the perspectives all look derived and like a very very bad cut and paste job.

sorry no go.

Christian said...

Great photoshop skills! Hairy woman, I'm not sure how they using this to deliver the drug message but this sure is cool!

Anonymous said...

poor art direction

kit lizette said...

I tend to agree with the first posting I'm afraid.. it's not very well done at all..