Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Swedish Horseracing Championships!

Thanks to Mark Ardelius for sending in this print campaign for the Swedish ATG. The campaign created by Akestam Holst in Sweden features some really nice photography. The campaign is also on television via a series of commercials that were produced by Camp David and directed by Adam Berg (former Stink) and shot by Mattias Montero (He won a Bronze Lion '06 for Toyota with Hakuhodo) on location in N.Z. Go here to take a look at them.
Brand/Product Advertised: ATG (Swedish Horseracing) >> Agency: Ã…kestam Holst >> Agency Location (City, Country): Stockholm, Sweden >> Agency Website: www.akestamholst.se/ >> Creative Director: - >> Art Director: Jesper Holst, Johan Baettig >> Copywriter: Mark Ardelius >> Photographer: Klaus Thymann >> Post Production: Cabbe / Touchme

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Anonymous said...

Mattias Montero was the cameraman

SILVER lion 2006