Thursday, January 18, 2007

Transport for London!

In these days of visual advertising and diminishing attention spans, it is hard to come across a copy campaign and even if you do, the chances of it being great are slim. Perhaps we've lost the art of writing well or perhaps nobody has the time. Here's a campaign for the London Transport Department by a few students from the
Miami Ad School in USA. Nice work here. The only problem might be the font which is hard to read at times and a few typos here and there. But I like the effort behind this. Quite a good read.
Art Director: Regner Lotz >> Copywriter: Niklas Kristensen & Matt Foley >> Illustrator: Regner Lotz


Anonymous said...

cant read the copy..but the artwork --
its horrible

deepal said...

I have learnt a lot, today!

Anonymous said...

terrible artwork. looks like a really cheap scan.

i´m bored

feroze said...

long copy lives.