Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chupa Chups!

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull >> Agency Location: Johannesburg, South Africa >> Creative Director: Gareth Lessing >> Art Director: Adam Livesey >> Copywriter: Matthew Brink >> Photographer: Clive Stewart


Joseph Hughes said...

I think this is a great campaign - never seen anything like it in this category before. And as a father of a three year old, I know it's based on a big truth!

Anonymous said...

Do you think a client would approve an idea were you see a 4 year old girl about to suicide? Even though is a joke. Would YOU approve it?

It’s obviously the ghost ad of the campaign, if the campaign is not a ghost itself. It’s the ad that the client didn’t approve, but the "creative" did either way.

PS: The other executions are good and funny.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the art direction. Copy needs some tweaking. This isnt so overtly suicidal. Lets not get all GM on this!

Anonymous said...

ehhh... This is a candy brand? For kids? And you see a kid about to suicide?

... not a car brand, or a robot jumping into a river.