Sunday, May 13, 2007


This campaign for Mestra was mailed in last week. I have no clue as to what these ads are all about. Can anybody help with the translations or explain what the idea here is?


NĂ©stor said...

1. Artisan Dream
2. Artisan Dance
3. Artisan Leisure
4. Artisan Mystic
5. Artisan Pleasure


Anonymous said...

i don't know the exact words (my english is a little rusty), but what this campaign tries to communicate is that the beer is "hand made" ("artesanal" means "kraftsmanship" or something like that). so te copy below reads something like "beacuse what's hand made is unique. MAESTRA is unique".
i don't particularly like the campaign, specially because it's message is not universal at all. the elements selected to show things thar are hand made are very known to spanish and latin viewers, bue i don't know if anybody else knows these things.
the ads say (from top to bottom): "hand made dreams", "hand made dance", "hand made leisure", "hand made mistique"and "hand made pleasure".

i hope this post helps you understand the ads.