Friday, December 09, 2005

Outdoor Advertising Convention 2005 - Part Five

RMG DAVID: Campaign of the year - Gold & Silver
RMG David won 4 Awards for this Outdoor Innovation. It won both Gold & Silver in the Public Service Category as well as Gold and Silver for the Campaign of the year. I think this creative will do extremely well in all advertising shows across 2006.
Might just be the next big thing for India. For those of you who don't know, RMG David's "Nests" hoarding picked up the highest number of National & International awards for an Indian creative ever! Looks like these guys are definetely on a roll. Best of luck guys!


Anonymous said...

hey Cipher
I am interested in hiring young talents like you, and the amount of efforts you put for your blog says it all!
I am Lars from Melbourne, Creative director in leading ad firm,
Do let me know buds
I will visit your blog tomm

cipher said...

Hi Lars,
First and foremost, thank you for the appreciation. Its encouraging individuals like you and my love for advertising that keep this effort going. Secondly about your offer, thanks a ton but I own an agency myself and I don't see myself open to a re-location. I'd be glad to see if we could work together on a freelance basis! :)
you can mail me at to see if we could work together. Keep visiting and I'm sure we'll cross paths someday...sooner...rather than later! Have a great day mate.

Anonymous said...

love that outdoor work, puts a new angle on all the save the animals campaigns

Unknown said...


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