Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hornbach for Homes!

I understand the bump on the car, the crack on the door frame and the bench but what I don't is how home improvement stores help me grow?? Is it due to the knowledge of learning something new?? This campaign by Heimat in Berlin, Germany is kind of convoluted for me...anybody with a new viewpoint?


Anonymous said...

you grow because your self esteem is grows, if someones is very proud one holds ones head up high and so appears to be grown within the last day. On the opposite if someone's depressed you can also tell that by the way one moves. The meaning of the ad is: With Hornbach products you can build a lot of things you can be proud of - or: home improvement isn't work, it's fun

Anonymous said...

- The strategy here is very good - it presents the brand as an authority to home improvement.
- The slogan follows it very creatively - it's something an old wise professional would say.
- But the visual is not so good as it presents the downside