Monday, May 21, 2007

Diesel - Global Warming Ready!

Advertising Agency: Marcel >> Brand / Client: Diesel >> Agency Location: Paris, Europe >> Photographer: Terry Richardson >> Agency Website: >> Creative Director / Copywriter: Frederic Temin >> Art Directors: Nicolas Chauvin, Romin Favre >>


Anonymous said...

Insulting inconsciency and stupidity!

Anonymous said...

Come on guys - can't you see this is at least a little tongue in cheek!!

Beautiful pictures and design - now lets get on with solving the problem.


Anonymous said...

This is the same idea what Benetton used on 90's. Do the shocking ads and commercials so you really remember the company's name. Advertising 101 :)

Anonymous said...

Advertising genius.

These ads are eye-catching and somewhat taboo. Very effective. Daring, exciting, controversial and clever.

Even if you're offended, the ads have accomplished their goal of making you remember them.

I, for one, wish I could take the credit for them. :)