Friday, November 03, 2006

Barbecues by the Sewer!

A really interesting and cost effective idea to sell a barbecue for Vijay Sales. I don't know the agency but it looks very close to home!Does anybody know the agency and place where these were done? By the way, I've seen other ideas where sewers just put off people big time. Specially when it involves food! What's your take on this one??


Rajesh Rajoo said...

Gawd! That is a put off. Nauseating, really. I’d certainly remember that one and the name Vijay. But the association of a BBQ with a sewer grill... ugh. That just doesn't fly. Leaves a bad after-taste. May it even de-sells, I mean it would keep the customer off Vijay Sales – which means, it is memorable but an absolute put off.

Anonymous said...

Here's a really stupid and lame entry for the awards. Not to mention bad execution.

Anonymous said...

Pray what exactly is this nonsense? No doubt an overzealous art director on the loose! How about 'need a new prison?' or maybe 'need a new filing cabinet?' or 'need a new sink?' or need a new whatever else looks like a row of rods.

"A"ustin said...

i agree its a put off ...but its still is good.

get some balls of your own ...and then comment

hmm ....many obversations there.

Anonymous said...

yuck!!! disgusting!!... after seeing this.. i wouldnt want to eat any grills!!
@ a
i guess .. its ur idea... it really sucks!!

"A"ustin said...


its not my idea though.